Basic Listening 004 – Water

cloud & rain

Water slow Water fast


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日本語 English ひらがな
water みず
あらゆる生命 all life あらゆる せいめい
水なし without water みずなし
生きる live いきる
地球の表面 the earth’s surface ちきゅう の ひょうめん
およそ about およそ
覆っています cover おおっています
空中で in the air くうちゅう で
水は雲をつくります water forms clouds みず は くも を つくります
それは、私たちが見る雨や雪になります it becomes the rain and snow that we see それは、わたしたち が みる あめ や ゆき に なります
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all lifeあらゆる せいめい
is important to にとって たいせつ です
without waterみずなし
the earth’s surfaceちきゅう の ひょうめん
in the airくうちゅう で
water forms cloudsみず は くも を つくります
it becomes the rain and snow that we seeそれは、わたしたち が みる あめ や ゆき に なります


  1. Alice M says:

    Thank you for your site, it’s beautiful and so helpful!
    (is “totte” a short way of saying “totemo” in the “Mizu” post ?)
    Merci !

    • Sakura says:

      Thank you for the nice words!

      “totte” is part of the idiom “〜 ni totte”

      In this case, “seimei ni totte” means important to life. Thanks to your question, I went ahead and added a popup definition to the phrase.

  2. Iola Morgan says:

    Konnichiwa Sakura!
    I stumbled across your site through an advert on Facebook. I began learning Japanese as I love Japanese horror movies and would one day like to be able to watch them without the subtitles! I found I was pickung up odd bits from the movies on my own so enrolled in a course. I loved it but was unable to continue. I have enough here to teach myself basics. Listening for me is always the best way to learn a new language, the rest follows later. I found that Japanese is actually quite easy to learn. Like other students, not being able to practise means not remembering as much. I test myself regularly on Hiragana and Katakana symbols with an easy to use app on my phone. I can get all the Hiragana correct and most of the Katakana.

    Keep up the good work and I will enjoy listening even if it’s more advanced than I am.

    Domo arigato gozaimasu.

    • Sakura says:

      I couldn’t agree more about listening being a great way to learn a foreign language. It has always been my preferred way.

      I am glad you are enjoying the site. Good luck in your studies!