Basic Listening 008 – Kappa (a Japanese River Imp)



Kappa slow Kappa fast



kappa maki

日本語 English ひらがな
河童 Kappa (a Japanese river imp) カッパ
昔から言い伝えられている妖怪です anapparition that has been told about from mouth to mouth from a long time ago むかし から いいつたえられている ようかい です
日本各地で In various parts of Japan にほん かくち で
色々な伝説があります there are various legends いろいろ な でんせつ が あります
好きな食べ物 the food they like すき な たべもの
キュウリ cucumber キュウリ
巻き寿司 sushi roll まきずし
河童 Japanese river imp かっぱ
呼ばれるようになりました came to be called よばれるように なりました
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Kappa (a Japanese river imp)カッパ
an apparition that has been told about from mouth to mouth from a long time agoむかし から いいつたえられている ようかい です
In various parts of Japanにほん かくち で
there are various legendsいろいろ な でんせつ が あります
the food they likeすき な たべもの
sushi rollまきずし
came to be calledよばれるように なりました


  1. Roger Lake says:

    Sakura-san, thank you so much for giving away these excellent lessons. They are just what I need at this stage in my studies. Even though I’m not good at Japanese, my wife and I are also giving away Japanese lessons at, and we are also on Facebook (Japanese Audio Lessons). I am recommending your site on my web site because I think it satisfies a basic need: to be able to hear spoken Japanese, while reading the same words in Japanese and even in romaji, with a translation readily available. This is brilliant! It allows us to learn without making us feel incompetent.

    • Sakura says:

      Thank you for the recommendation. I am very pleased you have found my site useful.

      I was checking out your site earlier this evening. You have put together a nice site with some very useful study tools and advice. I am going to look through it some more when I get a chance.