Archive for Updates and New Features

Easier Navigation

I have just added a new feature that will make navigating the site a little easier. Check the scroll bar at the bottom of each post to scroll through all lessons and episodes.

scroll bar

Review Tool Added

Premium Access users now have a convenient way to go back and practice previously studied material. Users just start the player and it will automatically cycle through a set of double-play (2X) versions of previous articles. This is an easy way to review and maintain the vocabulary and skills already mastered in a little over 10 minutes.

easy review

Feature Added

If you are using the Premium Service you may have noticed a slight change to the new player I introduced last week. I have now included the fast version of the article to the player. My suggestion is to start the player with the big play button and it will automatically play all files in the following order: 3X → 2X → 1X → 速(fast). As you listen please try to shadow. It takes less than ten minutes and it is also a great way to review older lessons. Admittedly, shadowing the 速 version is very difficult, but don’t be discouraged. Even getting half is still very good and will definitely improve your comprehension.

fast play

I will go back and add the fast version to the previous lessons over this week. Also, I should have completed installing the new player on all of the previous lessons by the end of the week.