Basic Japanese Lessons

Dear readers,

You are invited to take a look at my latest project, Basic Japanese Lessons. It is just the beginning but I am creating a site for students who are just starting in Japanese. Please check it out and let me know what you think. I would love to get some feedback to help me improve the design. Here’s the link:

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  1. Palidor says:

    Hi, it looks good. I think it would be very helpful for beginners. It would be good to add an option to work through the lesson in kana rather than romaji.

  2. Feng says:

    This is a real beginning. I do think it will make clear relations of easily mixed words. This should be quite useful to beginners.

  3. Bertha says:

    Lively and interesting.
    This is great, useful and helpful website to me for practice Japanese, especially in Japanese listening and vocabulary,thank you ^^

  4. Jake says:

    I just checked out your Basic Japanese Lessons site. That is really cool. I have not seen anything like it. Do you plan to add more soon?

    • Sakura says:

      Thanks! Yes, I have just started working on a new lesson now. I was hoping to get some more feedback from readers before I do much more as this will become a template for subsequent lessons.

      Eventually, I would like to cover most of the material you might find in a basic textbook.

      Thanks for taking a look at it. Let me know if there is anything that needs changing etc.